Through our membership at INTEGRA INTERNATIONAL®, we offer a worldwide network, which masters the complex demands of the increasingly globalized business world.


Through this development, transnational counseling is increasingly important. As a member of INTEGRA INTERNATIONAL® we are represented globally .

INTEGRA INTERNATIONAL® is an international association of exclusive mid-tier auditing and fiscal offices.

Every partner in this network is obligated to fulfill the high standards of the association. We keep an active communication process, in order to exchange know-how and experiences. Through personal contact and constant transfer of expert knowledge, we assure the optimum counseling and support towards our clients.

Partner offices are located in all important economic locations of the world.

INTEGRA INTERNATIONAL® helps you use the complex interrelations of an increasingly connected world. We enable fast and competent counseling on international basis.

Our services cover transnational client support as well as all the related counseling services.

This includes (among other things):

  • International fiscal advice
  • International tax burden comparison
  • Reclamation of foreign taxes
  • Evaluation of foreign investments
  • International legal form consulting
  • Choice of location in consideration from the fiscal point of view