We take on the legally required audit of annual financial statements for businesses in all sizes and legal form, including consolidated financial statements. As a matter of course, the application of certain standards of the Institute of auditors, constant further training, literary studies, further schooling of employees as well as extensive practical experience ensure the quality of our audits and a high degree of safety for your business. Furthermore, this leads to the unrestricted acceptance of credit institutions and other addressee of your annual financial statement. High quality requires planning: For the compliance of deadlines or legal requirements, the annual financial statement – audit requires precise objectives, time management and personnel planning. Therefore, meetings set in time are the most proactive approach for enabling a smooth process. We use the most modern computer-engineering for the presentation of the results of the annual financial statement – audit. Furthermore, we provide our services for the explanation of the audit for supervisory board or bank.

Voluntary annual financial statement – audits

Voluntary audits are often wished for by banks and credit commitments. Under consideration of the auditing standards we take on these audits and guarantee the same precision as with legal audits. Due to strict auditing regulations and the constant plausibility assessments of the circumstances in the annual financial statement, the voluntary audit gives you certainty for your annual results. Often, we can identify large potential for improvement at the audited businesses. These are recorded in the so-called management-letter, which we elaborate in the course of the final meeting and, that for you, also acts as a checklist as to what is to be implemented in order to improve.