We carry out legally required, but also voluntary special audits, for example: audits pursuant to  broker and commercial builder ordinance, formation audits, merger audits, special audits according to the Stock Corporation Act and Due Diligence audits.



Legally required, but also voluntary special audits are, among others, carried out in the following areas:

  • Audit pursuant to broker and commercial builder ordinance
  • Special audits according to the Stock Corporation Act (formation audit, merger audit, audit of the executive board)
  • Audit of the proper payment of the licence fee for the „Grünen Punkt“ (DSD-Duales System Deutschland GmbH)


Due to our quality and experience, we also take care of special tasks, which are closely related to the audit activity.

These include, for example:

  • Reviewing the internal controlling system
  • Due Diligence-audit (Reviewing of presented numbers on plausibility ) in the course of a business acquisition
  • Opinion on company valuation
  • Creation of an asset status
  • Over-indebtness-audit
  • Audit of redevelopment concepts

Naturally, you will receive the appropriate documentation of our activities.