SWMP supports municipalities with the upcoming reorganization of their tasks and the strategic realignment of their companies. We design and develop new systems for municipal budgeting and accounting and accompany them during the implementation of new management models, the system-launch and the conversion of the involved measures.


Our range of services for public companies and municipalities includes the following:

  • Creation and audit of annual financial statements of in-house operations, municipal enterprises, administration unions or corporations under consideration of local law
  • Creation of opening balance sheets of municipal enterprises/municipalities
  • Fiscal advice (tax returns, Organizational/Structural Consulting)
  • Legal consultation (especially commercial-, corporate- and local- law)
  • Organizational consulting during the restructuring of municipal enterprises
  • Accompanying for upcoming privatization
  • Creation or audit of business plans and payment calculations
  • Consulting in the area of budget consolidation
  • Support during the implementation of the new municipal financial management (double-entry bookkeeping)

Consulting of Clubs

SWMP serves legally responsible as well as legally not responsible clubs in the course of completion of their fiscal duties. Here, the main focus is on clubs that are a benefit to the public and fall under the corresponding law.

Furthermore, associations of private interest without direct benefit to the public are also being served in fiscal advice. The increasing number of charitable corporations, especially non-profit limited companies (Ltd/gGmbH), are also part of our consulting services.

Our services include in detail:

  • Start-up consultancy for charitable institutions
  • Creation and audit of accounting and annual financial statements of clubs and charitable corporations
  • Creation of tax returns
  • Organizational/structural consulting in cases of input tax refunds during construction measures
  • Monitoring of the compliance of non-profit status regulations
  • Implementation of controlling systems
  • Reviewing of economic sustainability
  • Reorganization/restructuring of club structures