Thereby, we focus on the optimized combination of trade- and tax-law in consideration of your creditworthiness and disclosure requirements. In addition, we take care of the tax effective displaying of all life circumstances in order to optimize your taxes. Furthermore, we focus on the procedural safeguarding of your refund claims in case of changes in future jurisdictions.

We can construct all tax declarations in the range of businesses of every legal structure as well as natural persons.

Annual financial statement


  • At the beginning of the year you give us your preferred date and then you will receive the annual financial statement reliably and in time
  • You receive a customized annual financial statement that is specified to your personal situation, including all tax benefits that are worth considering from your point of view
  • You can present, well ahead of schedule, your complete annual financial statement to your bank

Additional Services

  • Comprehensive meeting for the annual financial statement/ income surplus calculation
  • Forecast into the development of fixed assets for multiple years
  • Elaboration for the important balance sheet positions
  • Itemized list of clients / suppliers
  • Interim balance results as a mid-year company status
  • If wished, annual financial statement with plausibility assessment
  • Disclosure/ deposit of the annual financial statement
  • Electronic transmission of the annual financial statement to the responsible fiscal authority  (E-Balance)


  • Creation fixed assets accounting as well as fixed assets list
  • Copy of following evaluations: balance sheet / profit and lost account (according to commercial- and tax-law)
  • Account statement / Attachment
  • Executed copies for your banks
  • Production of all necessary operational tax declarations
  • Balance sheet with certificate

Annual financial statement analysis


  • We analyze your assets-, finance- and profit situation on basis of annual financial statements or data gathered during the year.
  • We get to the heart of the economic development of your business by analyzing selected ratios, trends and graphics.
  • We can outline potential areas of improvement or growth and analyze, how well your company is positioned in the market alongside the competitors.

Our services for the annual financial statement analysis

  • Creation of a balance sheet analysis
  • Capital account developments
  • Key figures from the balance sheet and profit and loss account
  • Financial analyzes: Appropriation of profit account (Source of funds – Use of funds)
  • Cash flow statement comparison for several years based on the balance sheet and the profit and loss account
  • Presentation of the financial- and profit situation
  • Creation of industry analyzes and comparison

Privat Tax Declaration

Our priority is on the successful mapping of all facts of living for the tax optimization as well as the procedural hedging of your refund claims in terms of future changes in legal structures.

We can construct all tax declarations in the range of businesses of every legal structure as well as natural persons.