We support you in all legal and economic related consulting questions and issues. Thereby, our main focus is on creative consulting and formative advice. Proactive tax planning and configuration, as well as the support in all major business related questions, give you the security for your entrepreneurial decisions.

Analysis and proactive planning for the optimization of your taxes

We do not want to administer your taxes, we want to shape them. It is our aspiration to actively develop target orientated ideas and point out the advantages and disadvantages of your legal and financial basis of decision making.

Providing consistent information on planned as well as occurring changes in tax law is a matter of course in our consulting process.

Our field of activity in the areas of tax planning orientated consulting includes, among other things:


  • Consulting of fiscal consequences for planned decisions
  • Consulting of tax incentives and investment assistances
  • Tax burden comparison
  • Optimal legal form based on fiscal and legal standpoints
  • Fiscal shaping and creation for partnership agreements
  • Planning and shaping of a company’s split-up or leasing
  • Projection of the expected tax burden in form of a forecast
  • Analysis of short term income statements and annual financial statements
  • Succession planning based on fiscal perspectives

For individual persons

  • Tax planning for the reduction of tax burden
  • Tax saving contracts with relatives
  • Real estate – purchase or rent
  • Capital formation
  • Suggestions and guidance for the minimization of inheritance- and gift-tax burden
  • Annual financial statement and analysis

Consulting services - We concretize your ideas

For the ongoing monitoring and support during the year, we offer following consulting services:


On regular basis, we analyze the important core aspects of your business on basis of economic evaluations. Critical deviations are discussed with you, in order to evaluate the causes and develop possible solutions.


If, for example, you are being asked for concrete information by your house bank, we will individually compile it for you.


Through constant controlling of your earnings trend, we can inform you well ahead about critical tendencies. Possible shortcuts can be identified in time and taken care of, using the appropriate measures.

End of year talks – are also done in the first quarter of the year

Proactive and forward-looking – that is our goal during these talks and when it comes to the future of your business. On basis of the past months, we determine a prognosis for the annual profit, in order to align your liquidity and tax planning with the business decisions you are planning to put into practice.


We continuously accompany you in the course of consulting talks throughout the implementation and success control of selected projects of the company management.

Planning calculations

Your economic targets are important to us. We support you during the implementation. Continuous monitoring through monthly target-actual comparisons are vital for achieving the requirements. Non-compliance of these requirements is followed by a deviation analysis, which outlines the causes of the issue.



According to § 147 Abs. 6 AO, the fiscal authorities have the right to check, in case of a fiscal external audit, the accounting with access to the data, which was done using a data processing system. We can check, if your accounting processing system meets the necessary requirements for a digital audit, as well as simulate such inspections.